Announcement : New Eradani Partnership

Eradani PartnershipKeller Schroeder is pleased to announce its partnership with Eradani, a new and rapidly growing software provider focused on helping companies take advantage of the latest technology while leveraging their investments in IBM i Power System applications.

Eradani’s flagship product, Eradani Connect, is used by IBM i customers to easily connect their applications with new technology like web, mobile, IoT, machine learning, and open source. Founded in 1978, Keller Schroeder’s roots run deep in the IBM midrange computer space. Eradani’s team is led by IBM i Champions with decades of midrange experience who pioneered open source technologies on the IBM i. The companies view the IBM i as a platform for the future, sharing an appreciation for the system’s advanced architecture, rock-solid security, and performance.

“Given our emphasis on Digital Transformation and our deep experience on the IBM i, this partnership only makes sense,” said Cathy Graper, VP of Application Solutions for Keller Schroeder. “We’re excited about what Eradani brings to the table in terms of features and performance, and we are proud to be their first integration partner.”

Eradani IntegrationKeller Schroeder’s regional clients represent a significant portion of the IBM i footprint in the Midwest, with expansion efforts already well underway in the Southeast. With competencies ranging from traditional green-screen development and systems engineering to open source and Microsoft .NET software development, the partnership with Eradani takes full advantage of Keller Schroeder’s software development capabilities. “Not to mention,” said Graper, “our clients can benefit from a high-performance computing environment on a highly reputable platform, using tools that are familiar to them.”

Eradani’s CEO, Dan Magid, is equally excited about the partnership, recognizing the breadth and depth of Keller Schroeder’s team. “Keller Schroeder has a tenured team of senior consultants, capable of developing the advanced functions our IBM i customers need. Combining their formidable services skills with Eradani’s leading-edge products will help our customers achieve their application modernization objectives quickly and effectively,” said Magid. Dan noted that his son Aaron, VP of Open Source Technologies for Eradani, is a third-generation IBM i champion. As an open-source expert with over 10 years of experience in open source technologies on the platform, he brings a unique perspective to the partnership and a strong statement about the innovative capabilities offered by the IBM i. “It’s not just about preservation anymore,” said Magid. “There is a real opportunity to win new customers for the platform with a partnership like this.”

Eradani DevOpsEradani’s newest release of Eradani Connect boasts the capability of seamlessly calling open-source functions and APIs directly from within an RPG program with no special coding required – a process that was both painful and error-prone in the past. In addition to simplifying connections to new technology, Eradani’s product suite provides new opportunities in DevOps as well, allowing the integration of IBM i development with popular change management and continuous integration tools. Keller Schroeder has been pleased with the attention Eradani gave to addressing some of the bigger challenges of modernizing the IBM i platform while not sacrificing the performance and security for which the platform is known. This was an important factor for Keller Schroeder, as a reseller for the platform who takes its own reputation very seriously. “Relying on their complementary services,” said Magid, “allows us to focus our energies on our own product roadmap – assuring we provide the features and performance our customers need most.”

Contact our Applications Solutions Group today to learn more about this partnership and how we can leverage it to improve your IBM i operations. You can also find a digital copy of this press release by clicking here: Keller Schroeder Announces Partnership with Eradani

Take a look at our recent webinar with Eradani to learn more about how this partnership can help you bring out your IBM i’s potential. 



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