Regarding Upcoming Keller Schroeder Events

A Message From Keller Schroeder’s President

Keller Schroeder firmly believes our purpose as an organization is to make positive impacts on our employee-owners, our clients, and in our communities. We strive to have that balance of purpose at the core of the actions we take as an organization. It is from that purpose of striving to make positive impacts that we have reached the decision to cancel upcoming events to ensure we are properly aligning with health official recommendations for protecting the well-being of the local community and slowing the impact of the COVID-19 virus by reducing non-mandatory group interactions.

We are very grateful for partners who help sponsor and support our events, for those who have registered to attend, and to our employee-owners who have invested considerable time in planning and preparing these events. It is unfortunate to have these cancellations, but we feel confident it is the right path in terms of what we view as our responsibility to contribute to making positive impacts within the community. We look forward to the health alerts being resolved and being able to resume our practice of holding excellent events to make positive impacts in the near future.

If you have questions about any specific event, feel free to contact our Evansville office at (812) 474-6825.

Best Regards,

Jeff Gorman

Jeff Gorman Keller Schroeder President


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