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Data center infrastructure consolidation is challenging.  Floor space and hardware costs escalate out of control as more and more server and application demands are placed on today’s systems administrators.  Virtualization is the single most effective way to reduce IT expenses while boosting efficiency and agility.  Large enterprises, midsize corporations, and small businesses alike can leverage VMware technologies to increase compute and workload density in order to help reduce hardware, power, and cooling costs while simultaneously improving server performance and manageability.

The Network Solutions Group at Keller Schroeder has years of extensive experience in the virtualization space focusing on VMware technologies.  No matter the size of the data center environment, our team can provide valuable assistance in implementing the best virtualization solution using proven and validated designs and practices.

VMware simplifies complexity across the entire data center to create a more responsive, resourceful, and ultimately profitable business.  As a VMware Enterprise Solution Provider, Keller Schroeder has achieved the technical level of proficiency to expertly design and install a wide range of VMware products and services, including Data Center  and Cloud Infrastructure with VMware vSphere; VMware Horizon; VMware AirWatch; and VMware vRealize Suite, to create a robust and resilient software-defined data center.

VMware vSphere  ->  Industry-Leading Server Virtualization Technology

  • Consolidated hardware for increased resource utilization efficiency and reduced capex
  • Run multiple operating systems and applications on a single physical server
  • Isolate and Encapsulate applications and servers for improved business continuity
  • Speed up and simplify system deployment and management
  • Develop agile data center infrastructure with higher availability and superior performance

VMware Horizon  ->  Streamlined Desktop and Application Virtualization Technology

  • Centralized desktop deployment and management
  • Standardized desktops based on “golden image” templates and pools
  • Desktops and Applications delivered via a single platform
  • Just-in-time delivery of desktops and applications
  • Built on industry-leading software-defined data center infrastructure

VMware AirWatch  ->  Enterprise Mobility Management Platform

  • End-to-end security from devices to data center
  • Freedom of mobile device selection
  • Key business application delivery with self-service access
  • Enable users to securely connect to corporate networks, including Wi-Fi and VPN
  • Seamless integration to existing IT infrastructure

VMware vRealize Suite  ->  Enterprise-ready Cloud Management Platform

  • Proactively monitor, detect, and avoid capacity and performance issues
  • Avoid idle and over-provisioned resources
  • Automate infrastructure costing and usage metering to support chargeback processes
  • Provision complete application stacks to developers in minutes
  • Leverage self-service access as needed to improve end-user workflow

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