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Data Engineer

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Data Engineer


We are looking for a Data Engineer.


What is a Data Engineer?

Our definition is someone who can manage data:

  • Extract it: Find it at its’ source, or, from a report or screen, trace its’ lineage back to source.
  • Enrich it: Identify the metadata tags and develop better business definitions everyone understands. Identify data relationships and business rules about the data.
  • Curate it: interrogate data contents, find missing or incomplete data, prepare a clean dataset.
  • Transform it: Aggregate it, create new values using business rules and comparing other data.
  • Load it: Deliver a data package to someone or something that needs it.
    • A software application you are integrating with.
    • A Data Scientist looking to do advanced analytics.
    • A data warehouse to support operational reporting.
    • A data trading partner you exchange data with.
  • Visualize it.
    • Make complex data understandable by presenting it graphically.
    • Create interactive data sets users can use to explore their data. 


Who makes a good data engineer?

  • Someone with a heart for the business customer they are working with and wants to understand how the data is used.
  • Someone that can visualize the data lifecycle in their head. They know the data has a source, it may have been aggregated, manipulated, or modified throughout its lifecycle, and it has business rules governing why it was captured in the first place, and it combines with other data to support a business process and decision making.
  • Someone who understands the mission – get the data, safely and securely, from Point A to Point B, selecting the right tool for the job, based on how often that access will be required. Someone who wants to understand what the data is (its’ metadata definition) and how it may be valuable to supporting analytics.


What tools do you need to know or be willing to learn?

  • Knime
  • Azure Data Factory
  • Python
  • Data Stage
  • Alteryx

 What experience do you need?

  • If you are very experienced, having done systems migrations, data mapping, data quality assessment, integration work, etc. and are willing to learn some new tools — it could be you. An applications person, an integration person, or a business analyst who works to understand the data in a system, or someone who has done a lot of reporting or analytics, someone who knows what a data schema is, or what a data dictionary is.  All could make great data engineers!
  • If you are lacking experience, but have used tools like those mentioned above to move and manage data – it could be you.


If you bring the right attitude, we will tailor the development needs to make you a great data engineer.


Keller Schroeder’s mission is to leverage technology tools and services to help our clients more successfully achieve their objectives.  We are passionate about our clients and hold dear our reputation for honesty and integrity. Our company culture is focused on people and performance. 


We offer a competitive compensation package, including base salary and profitability bonus, medical, dental, life and vision insurances, matching 401(k), Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), flexible spending account, vacation, holidays, paternity/maternity/adoption/foster care leave, tuition reimbursement and direct deposit.  We offer flexibility and autonomy to tailor the right combination of remote, office and on-site time to get the job done and accommodate personal and client scheduling needs.


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