NetApp FAS8000 & Clustered Data ONTAP (CDOT)

Chris Haynes, Sr. Systems Engineer

How important is it to your company to reduce or eliminate downtime and outages, even planned ones? Will your storage capacity and performance scale effectively to meet your organizations needs over the next 3 to 5 years? Do you need more performance or capacity now?

With NetApp’s Clustered Data ONTAP (CDOT) operating system and their latest and greatest FAS8000 series hardware, you can meet these objectives and take advantage of the latest storage innovations, including flash acceleration.

With CDOT, you can even cluster mixed NetApp hardware generations to eliminate the relevant hurdles often experienced during migrations. You can simply add the newest NetApp FAS8000 series hardware to your environment to provide the most capacity and performance available today. With the latest processors and the largest memory & flash cache available in any NetApp system today, the 8000 series hardware will easily scale to meet your business’s most demanding storage needs. The FAS8000 series also has a higher number of onboard 10GbE & 16Gb FC ports than its predecessors and with 6Gb SAS ports, this new series reduces the need for additional PCIe cards, allowing more room for disk trays to scale upward to Petabytes of storage.


Coupled with the proven efficiency of CDOT, this will allow your company to virtualize both the SAN & NAS storage workloads much like VMware ESXi does for server workloads, allowing for non-disruptive storage operations with the capability of seamless tech refreshes and significant scaling out.

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