Put Your Data Center on a Diet

Kris Linville, Sr. Systems Consultant

Bikini season is just around the corner. Is your data center ready for its pool-side reveal? If you’ve spent years packing your data center full of sweet devices and high-calorie cables that have your racks bulging at the waist line, it’s time to put your data center on a diet…the UCS diet.

Data centers grow quickly in number of servers due to departmental application requirements. Maybe the HR department or the Accounting department is gearing up for a brand new system that would require multiple application and database servers for load balancing and redundancy. Is there enough rack space to install all of that new hardware? Is there space to add additional racks if needed? Obviously, it doesn’t take long for a data center to start feeling the effects of packing on those extra pounds time after time.

UCS-racks-beforeVirtualization can be leveraged to quickly get you back down to your target size. Reducing many physical servers to just a few VMware hosts is a great way to kick-start your diet. However, over time you will notice that as your admins and users get comfortable with their new diet, combined with how easy it is to deploy more virtual servers, your waist line will slowly start to creep up again. More hosts will be required to support your virtual workloads and before you know it your once-empty racks will be full again. How can you mitigate the effects of this “yo-yo” diet?


Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) is the solution to your virtualization “yo-yo” diet. Combine the space and administration efficiency of virtualization with the resource density offered by Cisco UCS B-Series Blade Servers and you will finally be able to maintain the ideal trimness you’ve been longing for. UCS is designed to create high-density, scalable environments that can reduce an entire data center of physical servers into a single rack.

By condensing up to 8 physical rack servers into a single 6U UCS B-Series Chassis with up to 80Gb of bandwidth per blade, not only can you reduce the physical foot print of your resources; you can do it with only a fraction of the cables and network ports needed for equivalent power and bandwidth to physical servers. A 42U server rack full of 2U physical servers would reduce down to just 18U with two slots to spare and can reduce your cabling and network port requirements by over 60%.

If your data center is suffering from a bulging waist line with no sign of an end to the overindulging of rack and network port space, contact your Keller Schroeder Sr. Account Manager to find out how the UCS diet can help you get lean and maintain.

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